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Sell Your Home for The Best Price Possible,
Stress-Free, With You in Control

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How our Process Works


Tell us about your home and learn how our transparent process produces the highest possible price for your home


Discuss timing, marketing, paperwork, assess market trends, plan communication, and craft our sales strategy

Home Preparations

Let us do the work! We prepare your home with staging, photos, video and home inspections

We are Live!

Prescreened buyers are given the chance to tour the home during the open house and prepare for the ensuing live auction

Live Marketplace

100% transparent bidding allows buyers to compete, producing multiple offers and ensuring the highest possible price

Review & Accept

Sell as-is and move at your own pace. Close in as little as 10-days or within 60-days, you're in control

The Clear Bid

Say goodbye to the seller’s standard 5-6% fees! As the seller, you only pay your side of the commission. Buyer’s are responsible for paying their own agent’s commission. No random home showings—just one weekend of open houses for pre-screened, qualified buyers. Competition drives more offers and money for your home, at your pace, with you in control.

Our Promise

Multiple Offers

Buyers compete for your home in a competitive, yet transparent auction marketplace. Why trust one offer when you can have multiple offers to choose from? Sell from a position of strength.


You are in control! No random showings or interruptions to your day. We schedule your open house around you and allow only fully qualified buyers to tour. 

You are in Control

Review, negotiate, and accept the best offer for you on your terms. Close in as fast as 10 days or take your time. It’s your show.

How Clear Bid is Different

We are all about 100% transparency in the sale of your home. We have eliminated the confusion of multiple offer situations where buyers are in the dark and uncertain of where their offer stands. We’ve put an end to the “highest and best offer” guessing games that leave buyers puzzled and sellers wondering if they could have realized more for their home. 

Traditional Sales Process

  • Blind Offers from Hopeful Buyers
  • Seller Pays 6% Commission Fees
  • Long Sales Time, 30+ Days
  • Random Showings and Interruptions
  • Price Haggling
  • Unpredictable Offers

Clear Bid

  • Multiple Offers: Review, Negotiate & Accept
  • 100% Transparent Bidding Drives Fair Competition
  • Seller's Only Pay Their Side of the Commission; Buyer's Pay Their Side
  • All Terms are Pre-set to Include Contingencies
  • Sell As-Is with Full Disclosure
  • Only One Weekend of Open Houses
  • Fully Pre-Approved, Qualified Buyers
  • Sell in 14 days, or at Your Pace
  • Stress-Free Sale with You in Control

Cash Offer

  • One Offer, Often a "Low-Ball" Offer
  • Hidden Fees at Close
  • Zero Transparency
  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics
  • High-Risk of Backing Out
  • Small Scale Local Operators
  • Not a Trusted Brand

When Should You Turn to Clear Bid?

The Clear Bid Open Bidding Marketplace is about making the home selling process as fair and straightforward as possible. We help you get top dollar for your home by putting it in front of a pool of qualified buyers who are ready to make an offer. We’ve helped sellers in all sorts of similar situations.

Career Relocation

Often coming with a tight timeline, selling a home quickly to align with relocation schedules is top priority

Downsizing or Retirement

Work closely with experienced real estate professionals, financial advisors, and legal experts to address your specific concerns and ensure a smooth transition

Inherited Property

Inherited properties often come with unique challenges, such as navigating legal complexities, understanding tax implications, and addressing potential family dynamics

Divorce and Separations

Fair representation of interests and expertise in handling sensitive transactions while navigating legal considerations eases the burden on sellers

Upsizing or Growing Family

Transitioning to a larger home to support your growing family is an exciting journey, albeit one filled with numerous decisions.

Homes Dated or in Need of Repairs

We navigate the complexities of selling an outdated or fixer-upper home, maximizing the seller's chances of a successful and profitable transaction

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Popular Questions

How does the selling process work?

We host Open Houses on weekends, allowing buyers time to submit offers online after viewing. Open bidding will open the Monday after the weekend’s open houses, and typically close 48 to 72 hours later. This schedule ensures buyers have time to get pre-approved for a mortgage and submit their bids.

Is this sales method effective?

Yes, extremely effective! We have eliminated the confusion and frustration of multiple offer situations where buyers are in the dark and uncertain of where their offer stands. We’ve also put an end to the “highest and best offer” guessing games that leave buyers puzzled and sellers wondering if they could have realized more for their home.

It’s a proven system developed by top agents in California, aiming for transparency, integrity and fairness during the sale and purchase of a home which benefits all parties involved.

How quickly can my home be sold?

Typically, between 7 to 14 days, with 14 days recommended to fully leverage our marketing strategies. We will work as fast or slow as you need. You are in control of the timeline.

Will my home qualify for this sales process?

Most homes will benefit from our open bidding system. Whether you have the nicest home in the neighborhood, need to sell fast, in as-is condition, or you would like some help in renovating and preparing your home for market, etc. We are here to help make this journey a success every step of the way.

Why use this method for selling homes?

Open bidding fosters a transparent and competitive atmosphere with integrity, encouraging buyers to compete fair and square for your property.

Clear Bid cuts out the need for a seller to pay commissions to buyers’ agents who are negotiating against you and do not have your best interests at heart.

Open bidding also promotes confidence and streamlines the buying process, reducing stress for both buyers and sellers.

Can Whiskey Kidd Realty sell my home the traditional way?

Yes, we offer various selling solutions to fit different homeowner needs. Message us in the bottom right corner of the page and we’ll be happy to schedule a time to learn more about your home selling needs.

Can I receive a cash offer?

Absolutely, cash buyers can participate, and we can facilitate fast cash offers from investors.

Is Clear Bid just a cash offer?

No. The Clear Bid process has nothing to do with cash offers, although cash buyers can bid on your home with proper proof of funds.

If you want a fast cash offer on your home from an investor, we can also help with that. Our goal is to have a solution for any seller. Message us in the bottom right corner and we’ll be happy to help find your solution.

Can I do anything if the buyer backs out?

Yes! You can report them to us if you are not working with one of our agents. If we determine the buyer is at fault, we will remove their privileges on our site. A Seller can also choose to pursue them for default.

Additionally, we find it very good practice to retain signed back up offers just in case the winning buyer falls out.

Is the highest offer guaranteed to buy my property?

No, but once a contract has been signed and earnest money deposited, this is a binding contract.

However, the buyer is represented by a Realtor who must submit a Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) contract and an earnest money check must be submitted to an Escrow Agent within 24 hours of the contract agreement.

By doing this, we help identify a non-performing buyer right away. In addition, a buyer must provide a full loan approval letter from a Licensed Mortgage Lender and proof of funds prior to submitting offers. If they are paying all-cash, they must provide proof of funds to us before their account is activated.

This is all done in order to prevent wasting anyone’s time.

Does a Seller have to accept the highest offer?

No. A seller can counter or reject an offer. You should discuss strategy with your Clear Bid Certified agent.

Do I need to be a real estate agent to list a property on this site?

Yes, only Whiskey Kidd Realty agents can list properties for sale on our platform. If you would like more information about partnering or joining our team, please reach out to us by messaging us below.

Do the Sellers or Buyers pay any fees?

We DO NOT charge a fee to list a property or participate in open bidding on our website.

Furthermore, Clear Bid does not charge any additional fees during a transaction outside of the typical fees commonly associated with a traditional real estate transaction. 

Regarding agent commissions, it is up to each individual seller whether or not they choose to participate in paying for, or otherwise crediting the buyer towards the associated buyer’s agent commissions.

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of each property, to include commission structure, before placing an offer to purchase.

What is the Agent Compensation?

Using the Clear Bid option, real estate commissions can be paid by the seller, the buyer or both. Highest Offer + Agent’s Compensation = Sales Price.

This is the MOST transparent way for a seller to offer the lowest price on their home and still compensate the real estate agents who conduct and close the transaction.

Each property listed on our website will offer different terms, conditions, and buyers’ agent premium, so be sure to research the property and all the details on the property page prior to placing a bid.

Will my property be listed on the MLS?

Yes, along with numerous online platforms, social media, marketing materials and good old fashioned networking amongst professional agents for maximum exposure that generates packed open houses on the weekend and multiple bidders vying for your home.

When can Buyers view the home before bidding?

Homes will only be made available during the pre-scheduled Open Houses for all interested buyers to tour and ask questions.

Typically we only hold 1 or 2 days of open houses during one weekend before opening the bidding the following week. 

All dates and times for open houses will be publicly displayed and easily accessible by both buyers and their agents.

How are Open Houses managed during the weekend?

All attendees to an open house are first required to register with our welcoming agents before proceeding to tour the home. During this process we conduct a short intake interview to gauge the visitor’s readiness to buy in the current market. Following the tour and before leaving, we have a short conversation to assess the visitor’s level of interest and to answer any questions they may have about the open bidding process. All visitors are then followed up with to further discuss the home and encourage their participation in the open bidding process.

How do buyers place an offer?

First, interested buyers register on the Clear Bid site and provide a mortgage lender’s pre-approval letter along with proof of funds for their down payment and closing costs.

Once registered, buyers are provided access to the home’s supporting disclosures, inspections and seller’s preferred/required terms, so they are fully aware of the home’s condition prior to placing an offer.

Once bidding opens, buyers simply fill out the details of their bid and submit. Their bid is received and displayed for all interested parties to see and respond to prior to the close of bidding.

All bidders are immediately notified by email if their bid has been surpassed by another bidder, so they may quickly respond with a higher offer as desired.

Are there any buyer fees?

Yes, all buyers must provide a signed BRBC (Buyer’s Representation and Broker Compensation Agreement) outlining a Buyers Agent Compensation fee. The Buyer’s Agent fee is automatically and transparently added to the final offer price on the home. 

How is the contract sale price determined?

Your stated purchase price plus Agent Compensation equals the contract price.


Must the seller accept the highest offer?

No, sellers can accept, reject, or negotiate any offer.

Are Backup Offers considered?

Yes. As in any real estate transaction, sometimes a buyer is not able to perform and the purchase contract is cancelled.

In such an event, the Seller’s Agent will immediately begin reaching out, in established order, to any Buyers who proceeded to sign backup offers and wish to be notified should the transaction fall out of escrow.

It’s not over until the ink is dry!

Is a Buyer's Real Estate Agent required?

Yes, a Realtor must facilitate the transaction as your representative throughout the process. Once bidding ends, the winning buyer and their agent must submit the formal contract within 24-hours. From that point on, we follow the traditional real estate sale process. We can provide an agent if needed.

Are the listed properties distressed or foreclosures?

No, our listings are from private homeowners or investors, not distressed or foreclosure properties.

What are the offer increments?

Increments vary by property. Check the specific property details for more information.